August 2020 Newsletter

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Wage written on sticky note cut in half

3 Steps to Recovering Lost Wages After an Accident

I recently resolved a personal injury case for a client who suffered severe injuries in a trucking accident. Prior to her accident, she worked in the oil field earning a high salary. The injuries she suffered in the accident caused her to miss time from work (past lost wages), and she also lost her ability to ever return to work in the oil field (future lost wages). Her total lost earnings — made up of her past and future lost earnings — were enormous and put her ... CONTINUE READING

Oil spill

The Lasting Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Although not many people realize it, the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill greatly affected many aspects of the legal system we rely on today. The head of litigation for BP at the time, James J. Neath, says the case was a “life-changing event.” For over a year and a half, BP’s large internal and external legal teams worked continuously on the crisis response 16 hours a day ... CONTINUE READING

Mona lisa

The Most Famous Art Heist You’ve Never Heard Of

One hundred and nine years ago this month, one man — or was it three? — fled from the Louvre Museum in Paris, carrying what would quickly become the world’s most famous painting: Leonardo da ... CONTINUE READING

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