September 2020 Newsletter

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Social Security Disability Claims Go Virtual

A few months ago, in this newsletter, my brother Jeremy filled you in on all of the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in the world of personal injury cases. Since that article came out, we’ve had a few clients reach out to tell us how helpful it was, so this month I thought I’d do the same thing for my area of expertise — Social Security disability claims! ... CONTINUE READING

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What Is Age but a Number?

In 2018, Dutch native Emile Ratelband was 69 years old. The thing was that the motivational speaker and founder of the Ratelband Research Institute didn’t want to be 69. So, he went to a Dutch court and petitioned for the right to change his legal age ... CONTINUE READING

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How Lucille Ball Saved ‘Star Trek’ in the 1960s

Did You know that Lucille Ball — the iconic comedian best known for her 1950s show “I Love Lucy” — is the reason “Star Trek” exists today? Ball was a Hollywood force in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and she ... CONTINUE READING

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