Why You Should Take a Break From Social Media After a Car Accident

Avoid posting information about your car accident case on social media

We all live on social media now, with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram being particularly popular platforms for connecting with friends and family. From sharing vacation photos, to wedding announcements, to work updates, it seems like everything gets posted on social media. Unfortunately, this oversharing of personal information can have serious unintended consequences. If you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident, you may be tempted to share updates about your condition with your followers, but doing so can cost you.

The Risks of Posting on Social Media After a Car Accident

Insurance company adjusters are always looking for any excuse they can find to reduce or eliminate payments to vehicle accident victims. They often do this by gathering evidence to support their claim that injuries are either exaggerated or nonexistent. Since many people now share some of the most intimate details of their lives online, social media profiles can provide a wealth of evidence that insurance companies may use to devalue vehicle accident claims. For example, collision victims who are accustomed to sharing everything via social media may be inclined to post updates about their accidents. And when these accident victims share details that could be construed to indicate their injuries aren’t that serious, insurance companies may claim they are lying about their need for compensation.

Everything You Post on Social Media Can and Will Be Used Against You

If you’ve been hurt in a vehicle accident, the insurance company’s attorneys will likely access your social media accounts. Defense attorneys have the right to review public posts to gather relevant evidence. These posts might include photos, conversations, and status updates that may be used to undermine your injury claim. The best way to prevent the insurance company from using your social media posts against you is to avoid posting anything at all. Staying away from social media may not be easy, but it’s the best way to ensure that you aren’t jeopardizing your personal injury claim.

But if you have already posted accident updates or photos on social media, all is not lost. Social media posts can make it more challenging to get the compensation you deserve, but not impossible. Wondering if you need an attorney to help you obtain the compensation you deserve after a serious motor vehicle accident? Contact our office today to speak with one of our friendly bilingual case managers about your situation, get answers to your initial questions, and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation case evaluation with one of our experienced car accident attorneys.

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