How is COVID-19 affecting the processing of Social Security disability claims?

For up to date information you can check the following website created specifically to address questions concerning the Social Security and the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Coronavirus and processing Social Security disability claims

As of today, March 25, 2020, all of the Social Security field offices and hearing offices are not allowing face to face service, which means that everything needs to be done by phone.  It is difficult to know how long this will last, but at least for the foreseeable future. 

For all of our current clients, if you have questions, feel free to call us like you typically would and we will take care of you like we normally do.

If you don’t have an attorney, the national 800 number for Social Security is 800-772-1213.  If you want to find the number to your local Social Security field office, go to this link and type in your ZIP code.  You will then be provided the phone number for your local office.

All of our hearings that were scheduled, have been changed to telephonic hearings.  We have the choice to not agree to the telephone hearings, however I am recommending to my clients that we accept that change, because I believe in person hearings are likely going to be delayed by months.  While the telephonic hearings are not ideal, I have already had several of them and they went smoothly.

The Social Security Administration is continuing to process claims, payments, appeals, hearing requests, etc like they always do.  Some of these things may take longer than usual but they are being done.  Social Security has assured us that they are going to be very forgiving for any deadlines that might be missed.  For example, if you receive a form that says it must be returned to Social Security within 10 days, if you miss that deadline, they will not immediately deny your claim.  Having said that, if you have the ability to return forms in a timely manner, you should continue to do that.

It has always been the case that working with the Social Security Administration requires some patience and that will continue to be the case.  Having said that, we have always made an effort to aggressively pursue our clients cases and make sure Social Security is staying on top of those claims, and the Coronavirus will not change that.

In our office, our building is closed, but we are all able to work from home and conduct all of our business as usual.  If you need us please don’t hesitate to call at 575-300-4000.

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