Five Types of Experts That Can Help You Win Your Auto Crash Case

A Car Collision Involving Two Cars When you are injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver in New Mexico, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. However, you may be surprised to discover that you may have to fight to obtain the damages you deserve. Depending on the disputes in your case, you may need to hire expert witnesses.

Expert Witnesses Commonly Utilized in Car Collision Cases

An expert is someone qualified in his field of expertise based on his education, training, and job experience. He can provide in-depth analysis and reach conclusions that can help you resolve disputes with the insurance company so that you can settle your claim or win your case at jury trial. Here are some types of experts often employed in car accident cases:

  • Medical experts. Because you are filing a claim for compensation for your injuries, you will need a doctor to testify as to the seriousness of your injuries, the treatments you need, and whether you will fully recover or will be permanently disabled. Depending on your injuries, you may also need to retain a physical therapist or other medical professionals.
  • Accident reconstruction expert. If the cause of your collision is in dispute, an accident reconstruction expert may be useful. He can review evidence, such as the accident scene, photos and video, damage to the vehicles, and the police report to determine how the accident occurred. These experts can often create a computer-generated reenactment to show exactly what happened.
  • Economic experts. If you must be off work for a lengthy period of time or are permanently disabled, an economic expert can help calculate how much wages and other benefits you have lost and will lose in the future.
  • Vocational expert. A vocational expert may be needed if your injuries limit the types of work you can do. He can testify as to what jobs you can perform and how this will impact your future earning capacity.
  • Roadway design expert. An engineer or highway safety expert may be helpful if defects in the road or its design caused or contributed to your crash. 

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