The Most Important Health Insurance Program in New Mexico You're Not Using But Should Be

Whether you are looking for cheaper health insurance, or if you do not currently have insurance, there is a relatively unknown program in New Mexico that provides no-cost and low-cost health insurance to individuals and families in New Mexico that you must look into. 

It is called Be Well NM and you can access their site at


Health Insurance Program enrollment offer Injury & Disability Law Center Roswell, NW

It is NOT Medicaid and is not solely income based. In short, the program considers your income and household members to help you find the right plan for you. What makes this program unique is that it will not exclude you for having assets such as a home, vehicles, etc. like many of the income-based plans such as Medicaid. 

The program advertises that 1 out of 3 have enrolled in health plans through this program for less than $10 per month – and that is consistent with the results we have seen. We have recommended this program to clients and other individuals, many of whom were able to obtain free health insurance or a much cheaper plan than they currently had. 

This program has helped many people obtain health insurance who never thought they could qualify due to their income or assets. 

This is TIME SENSITIVE as there is an open enrollment period that ends January 15th. 

I would strongly recommend you look into this program if you are looking for an affordable health plan. 

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