How to Get Your SSDI Application Approved Quicker

Social Security Disability Claim on the Computer ScreenIf you must file an application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), it could take months or longer for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to decide whether you qualify for benefits. However, there are steps you can take to speed up the process.

#1: Fill Out the Application Completely

When you fill out your application, it is important to do so accurately and as completely as possible. Document all your medical conditions, medications, doctors’ appointments, and treatments. Be sure to include the names of all physicians, hospitals, and clinics where you received care and their contact information.

#2: Provide Your Medical Records

You should provide the SSA with your medical records and written documentation from your doctor explaining your disability. You also need to include all supporting records going back as far as possible that relate to your medical conditions that prevent you from working.

The SSA cannot fully review your application and make a decision until they receive all your medical records. It could take longer for them to receive your medical records if you rely on hospitals, doctors, and other medical care providers to send them to the SSA. You may be able to cut months off the application process by providing these documents with your application.

#3: Check the Status of Your Application

You should check the status of your SSDI application regularly to be certain that a SSA representative is reviewing your file on a timely basis and that there is no missing information, such as medical records, that the SSA is waiting for. Here is how to stay updated on the SSDI application status:

  • Check on the SSA website—the fastest and easiest way
  • Call the SSA and speak to a representative

#4: Retain an Attorney

One of the best ways that you can speed up the application process and ensure that you are approved for SSDI benefits is to retain an experienced disability lawyer. They can help you file your application so it is completed properly and includes all the information needed to support your claim. A lawyer will also provide the SSA with additional medical records as needed so that your application is approved quicker and can also file an appeal if this becomes necessary.

Do you need help applying for SSDI? Was your application denied? Call our Roswell office or start a live chat to schedule a free initial consultation to learn how we can help you obtain the SSDI benefits you are entitled to.


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