How long do SSDI appeals take?

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Your application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits could be denied even if you fill out the paperwork completely and are clearly eligible for benefits. Unfortunately, many residents in New Mexico who apply for SSDI are not approved for benefits by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

It could take you a long time to successfully appeal the SSA’s denial of your application. Here, we explain how long each stage in the process could take.

How Long the Stages in an SSDI Appeal Takes

The length of time it will take you to complete your appeal will depend on how far in the appeals process you need to go to win your case. Here is how long it could take for each stage:

  • Reconsideration. You have 60 days to file a request for reconsideration after receiving a denial of your application. It will take the SSA three to four months to reach a decision. Most requests for reconsideration are denied in New Mexico.
  • Appeal. The second stage in the process is to file an appeal. You have 60 days to file your appeal after you receive the reconsideration determination. It will take you approximately one year to have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). It will take them 45 to 90 days after your hearing to notify you of their decision.
  • Appeals Council. If you did not win your appeal, you have 60 days to request that the Appeals Council review the denial. If they agree with you, they could overturn the ALJ’s decision or send your case back to the ALJ for further review. This process could take up to one year.
  • Federal Court. The final stage is to file an appeal in Federal Court. You must file it within 60 days of the Appeal Council’s decision. It can take anywhere from months to up to a year for the review of your case in Federal Court to be completed.

Are you applying for SSDI benefits? Do you need to file an appeal? Our experienced social security disability lawyers are here to help you every step of the way so that your application for SSDI benefits is approved as quickly as possible. To get started, call our Roswell office or start a live chat to schedule your free initial consultation today.