The Costs of Hiring a VA Benefits Attorney

Veterans Benefits Folder Tab on a KeyboardThe Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability benefits application process can be long, difficult, and intimidating. An experienced veterans’ benefits attorney can help you through this process, but many Veterans are concerned about the cost of hiring professional legal representation.

Typical VA Disability Claim Attorney Fee Agreements

While the precise specifics of fee agreements may vary from one Veterans disability benefits attorney to the next, typical arrangements may include:

  • No up-front costs. Your initial consultation with a VA disability attorney will be free, and you won’t be expected to pay legal fees out-of-pocket. There is never a charge for the disability benefits application process.
  • No fee unless there is a recovery. You won’t owe legal fees unless you win your VA disability claim. Since your attorney only receives compensation after the successful resolution of your case, your lawyer has a strong incentive to ensure that you receive the disability benefits you deserve.
  • The VA can pay your attorney. If your lawyer succeeds in winning your claim, the resulting legal fees can typically be paid out of the benefits you have won. The Equal Access to Justice Act provides for the payment of legal fees when a Veteran prevails in the pursuit of a disability benefits claim.
  • Case expenses. If your VA disability claim is successful, you will be responsible for your case expenses. These may include the cost of hiring expert witnesses and vocational experts, and obtaining paperwork such as medical records. Should you lose your VA benefits claim, you won’t be expected to pay these costs. A competent attorney will only incur these expenses when they are absolutely necessary to support your claim.

An Attorney Can Improve Your Chances

While your attorney can’t force the VA to resolve your claim any faster, professional legal representation can dramatically improve your chances of receiving all of the benefits you need and deserve. To learn more about what a disability lawyer can do for you, call us today or complete the contact form on this page.


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