What Happens After You File a Claim for Veteran Disability Benefits

Time for Veterans Claim Review on a Computer ScreenIf you suffered a disability due to your service in the Armed Forces, you may be eligible for VA disability benefits. Your first step will be to apply for benefits. Once you do so, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will review your application. Here’s how this process works.

How Long Will it Take for the VA to Make a Decision on Your Claim?

While it can take a few months to a few years for the VA to make a decision on a disability claim, it takes on average 190 days. Some of the factors that can make the process go faster or slower include:

  • Type of claim you filed
  • How many injuries you are claiming and how complex these injuries are
  • Length of time it takes to collect the medical evidence needed to evaluate your application

Steps in the VA Review of Your Application

It can be helpful to understand what to expect after you file your VA disability claim. Here are the steps that the VA takes:

  • Notification of claim. Once the VA receives your application, they will notify you that they received it by mail if you mailed in your application or online if you filed it online or by using Ebenefits.
  • Initial review. The next step will be for a Veteran service representative (VSR) to review your claim.
  • Evidence gathering and decision. The evidence-gathering stage can be a lengthy one. The VSR will request additional medical evidence he needs from you, health care providers, government agencies, or others. The VSR will review this evidence and, if it is not sufficient, request additional medical records and information. Once the VSR has determined that he has all the evidence he needs, he will review it and make a decision on your claim.
  • Notification letter. The VSR will prepare a claim decision packet and will mail it to you. It can take 7 to 10 days for you to receive the VA’s decision.

How to Check the Status of Your Claim

You can check the status of your application for disability benefits online. It is a good idea to do so periodically to be certain where you are in the process and that a VSR is working on your claim.

Do you need assistance filing a claim for VA disability benefits? Our experienced VA disability lawyers can file your application for you and provide the VA with the medical evidence they need to approve your claim. Call our Roswell office today to schedule a free consultation to get started.


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