Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When You File for VA Disability Benefits

Common Mistakes Veterans Make When Filing Disability Claims BookFiling a claim for Veterans disability benefits can be a confusing and lengthy process. Even if you are eligible for benefits, it may not be easy to get your application approved. Making mistakes can make the process take longer and be less successful. Here are common mistakes Veterans make that you want to avoid.

Mistake #1: Waiting to File a VA Disability Application

Some Veterans wait until their medical condition is more serious than it has to be to be eligible for benefits. If you have a condition that qualifies you for disability benefits, you do not want to wait to file your application. It would delay the effective date of your benefits and reduce the back payments that you receive.

Mistake #2: Not Filing an Appeal

Another mistake you want to avoid is to give up if your application is initially denied or your disability rating is lower than it should be given your medical condition. You have a right to appeal the decision. For appeals in 2019 or later, there are more options for filing an appeal, and some can lead to a quicker decision.

Mistake #3: Not Obtaining a Medical Opinion

One of the most common mistakes that Veterans make is not to obtain a medical opinion that supports their claim that their disability is linked to their service in the Armed Forces. Getting an opinion from a medical expert and nexus letter are crucial if you want to have a strong claim for benefits.

Mistake #4: Not Filing for Secondary Conditions

A secondary disability is one that resulted from a medical condition that is already service-related. Many Veterans fail to file for secondary conditions when they apply for benefits.

This is a mistake because the same medical evidence will often apply to both the primary and secondary condition. In addition, the effective date you qualify for benefits for the secondary condition would be the same as the primary one and increase the amount of your retroactive benefits.

Mistake #5: Not Retaining an Attorney

It is important to hire an experienced disability lawyer as soon as possible when filing for VA disability benefits. They can help you fill out your application correctly, collect the evidence you need to support it, and resolve any problems that could result in your application being denied.

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