How We Can Represent You in Your SSDI Case Without Meeting With You in Person

Using Phone for a Meeting With an SSDI LawyerIf you need to file a claim for SSDI benefits, you may be reluctant to do so because of the risk of meeting with an attorney or going to the Social Security Administration (SSA) office during the COVID-19 pandemic. It could also be a problem if you do not live in the same city as the experienced Social Security disability attorney that you want to hire to represent you. At The Injury & Disability Law Center, we understand your concerns and are here to safely handle your case without you needing to come to our office for an appointment.

How We Can Help You File Your SSDI Claim Without an In-Person Meeting With You

If you are not comfortable meeting in person or you live at a distance from our office, our skilled lawyers can handle your case over the telephone, through email, and by using other electronic means. In addition, the SSA’s offices are currently closed due to the pandemic, and all hearings are being held over the telephone.

We will provide you with the same quality representation that we provide to our clients who are able to meet with us in person when this becomes safe. Here is the procedure we would follow in handling your case:

Your First Call

Your initial call would be with our legal assistant, who would obtain basic information from you to determine whether you may be eligible for SSDI benefits and answer your questions. If it appears that you qualify for benefits, the legal assistant will set up a free consultation with our case manager.

Initial Consultation

The case manager would discuss your health issues, doctors who are treating your medical condition, treatments you are receiving, and how your disability affects your ability to work with you and answer your questions. She would also advise you whether we can take your case and what documents our office would send you to sign and return in a self-addressed envelope so we can get started on your case.

Appointment With Attorney

Our next step would be to schedule your appointment over the telephone with your lawyer. He would discuss your application or appeal, explain your right to benefits, and the process of applying for or appealing a denial of SSDI benefits. He would also answer any questions you have.

Communications During Your Case

We are here to answer your questions and update you on the status of your case by telephone, email, and text. We prefer to prepare you for your SSA hearing in person if it is safe to do so, but we can do this over the telephone if that is safer or more convenient for you. Due to the Coronavirus, the SSA is only conducting hearings via telephone at the present time.

Do you need to file for SSDI benefits? From our office in Roswell, we represent clients throughout New Mexico obtain the benefits that they are entitled to. You would owe us no attorney fees until your application for benefits is approved. Start a live chat or call our office to learn more about how we can safely and conveniently assist you.


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