What evidence do I need when I file my VA disability claim?

Paperwork Used as Evidence for a VA Disability ApplicationWhen you file an application for VA disability benefits, you must establish that you are eligible for benefits. How do you do this? You provide the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with the evidence they need when making a decision on your application.

Evidence You Should Include When Filing Your VA Disability Application

In order to receive disability benefits, you must prove that you suffered a disability that is connected to your service in the Armed Forces. Here is the evidence that the VA requires you to submit to establish this:

  • Service records. You must prove that you were in the military service and were not dishonorably discharged. You do this by providing the VA with your DD214, which is the separation document you would have received when you were discharged from military service, or another separation document.
  • Medical records. You will need to provide your medical history, VA hospital records, private physician medical records, diagnostic tests, and any other medical documentation to prove that you suffered a disability and that it is connected to your time in the Armed Forces.
  • Family records. Supporting statements from family, friends, people you served with while in the military, or other individuals who have information about your disability can be helpful. They can share information on how your disability occurred, how it got worse, and how it affects your life.

You can provide your evidence directly to the VA or give them permission to obtain this documentation when reviewing your application. If you suffer from certain disabilities, such as traumatic brain injuries, you may be required to submit additional types of documentation.

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