Will moving to another state affect my SSDI benefits?

Moving Truck and Moving BoxesOnce you begin receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI), you may decide to move to a different state. The good news is that your move will not affect your eligibility for SSDI, and you will not have to reapply for benefits in the new state you live in. However, you do need to notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) of your planned move.

How to Notify the Social Security Administration When You Move to Another State

You have a duty to notify the SSA of certain life changes when you are receiving SSDI benefits. This includes a duty to inform them of a new address and telephone number.

You should contact the SSA before you move. This ensures that you will receive your payments at your new address if they are mailed to you and any future communications from the SSA regarding your benefits. You can change your address in these ways:

  • Online. The easiest way to notify the SSA of your new address is online through your Social Security profile.
  • Local office. You can also go to a local Social Security Administration office and report your address change there.

What Happens If You Move in With Someone?

If you move in with a friend, partner, or family member when you relocate, you will need to report your change of address to the Social Security Administration. However, the fact that you will now be living with someone will not affect your right to SSDI benefits. That is because your eligibility is based on your work and income history and not on the income of those you live with.

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