What is a cumulative medical exam?

Stethoscope With an Appointment CalendarWhen you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you may be asked to go to a cumulative medical exam (CME). This is a medical examination that is scheduled by the Social Security Administration (SSA) with a physician that they choose. A CME can include a physical examination, diagnostic tests, and lab work.

Why You May Be Asked to Attend a Cumulative Medical Exam

The SSA frequently requests that SSDI applicants attend a cumulative medical exam and will use it to determine the existence and severity of an individual’s disability. Some of the reasons that the disability examiner may request that you attend a CME include:

  • The examiner needs a key piece of medical evidence to make a decision on your application.
  • You have not received medical treatment for 60 days or longer.
  • The medical evidence that you provided is not sufficient.

What to Do If the SSA Requests a CME

A cumulative medical exam can be a quick procedure, but it can have a big impact on your SSDI application. You should not be charged for the exam. It is important to remember that the doctor performing it does not work for the SSA, but is being paid by them. Here are important tips on how to handle your exam:

  • Be polite and respectful during your exam.
  • Expect to be asked about your symptoms by the examining doctor. You want to give him short answers and include concrete examples.
  • You should be truthful when discussing your illness or medical condition. Do not exaggerate or downplay the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Importance of Attending Your Cumulative Medical Exam

You must attend your CME if the SSA requests that you attend one. If you fail to attend your exam, the disability examiner could determine that you are not being cooperative and deny your application.

Retain an Attorney Immediately If You Receive a Notice of a CME

One of the most important first steps you should take if the SSA notifies you of a CME is to retain an experienced disability attorney. Your attorney can give you advice on how to best handle your exam and ensure that you receive the SSDI that you deserve. Call the Injury & Disability Law Center today to schedule a free consultation to learn how our skilled lawyers can help you with your SSDI claim.