Can I file a fully developed disability claim?

Veteran With Fully Developed Claim PaperworkOnce you apply for Veterans disability benefits, it can take the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) months or longer to review your application and send you a decision. You can shorten this period considerably by filing a claim under the Fully Disability Claim (FDC) program.

When Can You File a Fully Disabled Claim?

The FDC program is a way for Veterans to obtain a faster decision from the VA on their application for disability benefits. This type of claim is considered fully developed because the Veteran has obtained all of the evidence needed for the VA to make a decision on his application except for government records and a medical examination if necessary. These claims are eligible for the program:

  • An illness or medical condition that was caused by or worsened due to active duty service
  • An illness or medical condition that was caused by or worsened due to a disability that was already determined to be service-connected by the VA

How Do You File a Fully Developed Claim?

For the VA to consider your claim fully developed, you must do the following:

  • File a completed Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Form (VA Form 21-526EZ)
  • Submit all necessary supporting evidence with your application
  • Certify that the VA will not need any other evidence to decide your claim
  • Attend a medical exam if the VA requires one

What Happens If Your Claim Is Not Fully Developed?

There is no risk to you if you file a FDC rather than a routine application. Once you file it, you will have one year to complete the application. If the VA determines that your claim is not fully developed, they will remove your application from the FDC program and will process it as a standard claim.

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